Friday, June 25, 2010

A beautiful day......

Hello there.... I am here in Bloomington with my son.....he is taking his EMT certification course. We are quite proud of him....he's doing so well. Today looks very promising ...the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. And so has my Cricut[chirping that is]. I am working on a gift album for a baby shower in a few weeks. Fortunately I am saving my designs on my Gypsy so I can redo it more easily or addapt it to boy or girl. At the beginning of the year my LSS does a "layout of the month". I think truly it is for everyone but an excellant way for beginners to start. They really try to incorporate a new technique on each layout. So the next few days I will be showing you my layouts for the year so far. Today I am starting off with January. Now mind you this is my interpretation so I have added more things to each layout. But this has been fun for me. On to January..... I did some welding in my Gypsy[Provo Craft]. I welded the bird and the cup to the title. I love this feature in the it a nice effect. I do not know the paper lots of times the paper is slightly older.....but still pretty all the same. I also did some inking with distress inks.

Sorry no photos on this fact of the ones you will see there is only one with photos and that is Mays. Remember you can click on the photo to get a better look. Come back tomorrow for the next months layout. Have a great day!

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