Friday, September 18, 2009

The wait is over!!!

Just a quick post as we leave for the airport to pick up my daughter. For those of you that do not know....she has been on a missions trip for almost 6 months. Now she comes home today!! We are so blessed to have such an awesome young lady for a daughter! She is our butterfly who has come home!! Be back later to post some pics......maybe a few days...hehe...I need time. Have a blessed weekend!


  1. so happy for you all!! your daughter is coming home just as mine is daughter leaves in 5 days and will be gone for 18 months.
    God bless you, your daughter and your family!

  2. Bet you are looking forward to so quality time together, enjoy!
    Sue x

  3. By now you guys are together and I trust you will enjoy every moment of it before she has to get back to the "real life". Love ya Amy!!!