Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall/ Halloween Blog Hop!!

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  lots of awesome inspiration to make your season fun! I am super excited to share this project with you. You can say I like different....I like to learn how to really optimize my tools. In the past I have done tutorials on making stamps and stencils with your cricut. Now I am going to take it a step further and cut fabric with my cricut. Just a few pointers....start with a fresh blade and cutting will make your life much easier! Lol I also for this project used 100% cotton fabric and wonder under{iron on fabric adhesive}. I put my blade depth on 5, pressure high, and speed low. But test your machine first on scrap fabric......that way you can get an idea how your machine will cut. Also....using simple shapes is best.....not too detailed. I am making some fall pillows for my living room. For this project you will need.... Sewing machine and matching thread Enough fabric to cover pillows and various colors for shapes Wonder under a few buttons Yo Yo maker{large} 2 pre make pillow bases{mine are 18x18} Decide your pillow size and cut front and back. First iron on the paper backed wonder under to the wrong side of your fabric pieces for shapes. When I load my mat fabric facing the mat, I use a brayer and tape the edges with blue painters it is good and stable. You are now ready to cut! Choose your are mine.....some fall pumpkins and leaves.
Iron your shapes onto the pillow front and you can let that go or you can stitch around the shapes.....
Next make 3 yo yo's and sew to pumpkin as in photo below.
To put the pillow together.....take your front and back and sew right sides facing each other....only 3 sides....that way you can turn it right side out and put pillow inside and then sew the bottom. You can use your machine to close the opening or hand stitch it closed.
There you have it!! Some fun pillows to decorate and brighten any room in your home! Give it a will be amazed at how easy this is and fun! So many possibilities! Enjoy the hop! If you arrived here from Kate's blog then you will want to go to Mila's blog                                  
Have fun!